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Resilient sub-structure for your microservice

Run Containerized Workloads

Lattice aspires to make clustering containers easy. Lattice includes a cluster scheduler, http load balancing, log aggregation and health management. Lattice containers can be long running or temporary tasks which get dynamically scaled and balanced across a cluster. Lattice packages components from Cloud Foundry to provide a cloud native platform for individual developers and small teams.



The scheduler balances the allocation of container process resources across the infrastructure. The algorithm uses a distributed auction model based on the resource availability of the hosts and the current placement of your containers.



Dynamic Routing

As new containers are started, routes are added for them and they begin servicing requests as soon as they are able. Failing health checks remove containers from the routing in real time. The programmable routing can also be used to shape http request traffic, to A/B test different versions of an application and to perform blue-green deployments to minimize downtime.



Self Healing

Lattice's declarative application deployment reconciles the current desired state of the system with the actual state. Any time the number of containers allocated for an application does not match the number of running containers, Lattice attempts to correct the system.



Status Stream

All containers get added to the logging service. The logging service streams the logs from the container processes as well as the routers and health checks for archival or real-time troubleshooting.


Visualize Your Lattice Cluster with X-Ray

X-Ray is an easy to use dashboard for visualizing Lattice clusters. Point X-Ray at your Lattice deployment to view the distribution and status of your containers.

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Application Instances


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